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In Home Care

In-Home Care is the number one form of care preferred by the senior community. When we are feeling ill, most of us ask to be at home because we appreciate the comfort of our residence and the satisfaction of remaining independent. Jacksonville has over 100 In-Home Care Agencies that provide skilled or non-skilled care within the comfort of your home.

Saleswoman meets with senior couple in their home.  Could be real estate, life insurance, etc.

Benefits of In-Home Care

  • Most cost-effective health care

  • Offers services that are tailored to each client’s needs

  • Comfort and security of being in your own home

  • Reduces re-hospitalization

  • Allows seniors to remain independent longer

Skilled Care requires the involvement of skilled nursing staff such as a licensed nurse of licensed therapist, and must be ordered by a physician. Services may include medication management, wound care, physical, speech, or occupational therapy, etc. Medicare pays for skilled care services if eligible.

Non-Skilled Care is provided by a certified nursing assistant or a home health aide and does not require a physician order. Services may include cleaning, laundry, preparing meals, etc. Non-Skilled Care is not covered by Medicare; private pay or long-term care insurances are the two primary forms of payment.

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